Our Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objective of Bonyere Overseas Union include;

  • Planning, directing, coordinating, promoting and fostering a community spirit by communicating with and involving local residents, businesses, private, public and voluntary partners fostering development of Bonyere Township.
  • Promoting economic infrastructure in Bonyere Township.
  • To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the affairs of the association which includes projects such as schools, sewages, sanitations, water etc
  • To publicise and promote the work of the group/association
  • Organise meetings, celebrations and events occasionally to bring unity among ourselves.
  • Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfil its aims

Who we are

Bonyere Overseas Union (Bonyere Development Association) is a purely independent association and does not involve or created to resolve any pending chieftaincy affairs nor ongoing litigation presently or past in Bonyere. We therefore don’t edge any of our members of this association or union to involve or pass any...


Our association is forward thinking, inclusive and dynamic. We EACH have an equal commitment and obligation towards our association and ultimately our village and its development. Let us all work together and make a difference. 

All members shall make a monthly minimum dues of £8.35. This fee is subject to review when necessary and the resolution for such a review shall be...

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